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fill themselves

Using machine learning, Qandai helps you complete RFx documents in minutes, not days.

It's secure, easy to use and free to try.

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pronounced / kwandaII/

The name Qandai is more than a catchy moniker; it's a fusion of two pivotal elements—'Q&A' for Questions and Answers, and 'AI' for Artificial Intelligence.

Our platform is engineered to provide rapid, precise answers. So, when you're faced with a myriad of questions and are seeking not just answers but intelligent solutions, remember Qandai — where Q&A meets AI in perfect harmony.

How Qandai works

Complete questionnaires in Microsoft Excel

Since Qandai works directly within Excel, there's no need for any additional software or programs.

Feature also available in Microsoft Word.

Ask questions in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word add-in brings the power of Qandai's deep search into your favourite word editor.

Feature also available in Microsoft Excel.

Connect to SharePoint
or Google Drive

Qandai helps you create a searchable knowledge database based on your files and folders.

No templates or manual marking up documents required.

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